Struggling with social? Take a cold, hard look at yourself.

If you’re struggling to get a foot hold on your company’s social media channels, try taking a cold, hard look at yourself.

No, you’re not to blame (likely). But check out your own social media channels. Chances are you’ve got one place where you, a private citizen, are actually doing pretty good with user engagement.

Why is that?

Think about your network of friends, and family. These are people that have a genuine interest in you. They care about what you’re doing, and appreciate your updates (because you probably don’t call or visit enough). Your engagement here might be upwards of 50-75%.

Now look back at your company. Who follows you here? Likely customers, and other businesses. Right away you lose the history and love that comes automatically on the family/friend side. In other words, these people are just not that into you. Especially if:

  • they followed you, because you followed them
  • your social efforts and the company’s culture aren’t aligned
  • your company hasn’t got a great culture to show off, or…
  • your company has a great culture, but hasn’t figured out how to show it off

Every company is different, so where you go from here depends on where the disconnect is. If I had some high level tips to offer to help get you on your way, they might be:

  • only follow accounts that provide you value
  • don’t be afraid to trim your following (especially if you’ve inherited an account or two)
  • dig around, find out why customers love your company
  • bring that reason to everything you do on social
  • set clear goals for your efforts

I’d rather have 500 tuned in followers that share my content, versus a big shiny number like 10,000 with posts that go nowhere. And if you’re still gauging social success based on the number of followers then go buy a bunch, and save yourself the time.

With corporate social media, engagement with your followers is a barometer for how organic and honest you’re being. When you get close, you’ll see the spike. So, keep at it. Face some hard truths in the process, and do what you have to and get it there.